Roof replacement is a tedious process for homeowners and makes them wonder a few questions like how long will it take to complete, what will be the total expense, which roofing material is the best, etc. Though how long it will take to replace the roof depends on the extremity of damage, Brian M. LeBlanc Roofing makes the entire process an easy road for its clients. We begin the process on time and try to accomplish it as early as we can. As roof replacement is one of the most important roofing services, we put forward our years of experience while providing it.

How We Work?

We have a step-by-step procedure which has been created to not allow any error take place and to nail the replacement service.


Before starting the project, our experts examine the roof carefully to ensure the property is in a state to handle replacement.

Product Finalization

Upon ensuring replacement is possible, best roofing products are selected, keeping in mind factors like color and cost. As there are a number of RV roof replacement and flat roof materials available, we make sure to pick the ones that guarantee sustainability.


Once the products have been finalized, the overall cost of the project is estimated, keeping in mind that it matches the level of work promised.

Roof Removal

Flawless roof replacement needs careful removal of the old roof. We strive to do everything without affecting the property and the surroundings. After removing the old and damaged roof, deck boards are inspected cautiously and repairs are done, if needed.

Sub-Roofing Installation

To create a robust base for the new roof, installing sub-roofing materials is crucial. This includes water protective materials, drip edges, ice, felt paper and more; however, it all depends on the roofing products that are installed.

Finalized Roofing Product Installation

Now comes the turn to install the roofing materials that have been finalized for replacement. Wall flashing, ridge vents, chimney flashing and ridge caps are installed following the safety parameters.

Signs That Indicate Roof Replacement Is The Need Of The Hour

Certain signs indicate that without any further delay, you should consider replacing your old roof and prevent any damage possible to the underlying deck boards. Some of these indications are:

  • Roof that’s 20-25 years old needs inspection to determine if it needs to be replaced
  • Curling of shingles
  • Dark stains or discoloration
  • Splits in wood material
  • Deteriorating shingles

Roofing Systems We Install

  • Asphalt shingles: GAF HDZ shingles [Glenwood], CertainTeed shingles [landmark pro, Northgate]
  • Cedar roofing
  • Slate roofing
  • Rubber roofing
  • Metal Roofing

Perks Of Our Roof Replacement Services

  • Safety from weather conditions: Roof replacement is the best alternative to keep the roof protected from the changing weather conditions.
  • Curb appeal: Damaged or ugly looking roof is a turn-off. On the other hand, a new and aesthetically pleasing roof is a delight for the eyes.
  • Increased property value: Resale value of a home is directly proportional to how good it looks and how maintained it is. Having said that, when you let us give your property a decent roof replacement, you take up its value.
  • Energy efficiency: Apart from guarding the home, a roof serves another very important purpose and that is- insulation. It keeps the home cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

If you are looking forward to getting your roof replaced and searching for roof replacement near me service, give us a call and schedule an appointment. Our team of professionals will visit your place, check your roof and see if it really needs replacement and if it does, we will plan things accordingly and serve you with the best possible service.

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