Season’s first snowfall is a sight to cherish, as everything turns white and looks picturesque. Even though the view is irresistibly beautiful, excess snow on the roof needs immediate attention, else serious damage to the property is inevitable.

How Snow Can Harm Your Roof?

Accumulation can overload the roof

Snow deposits increase the chances of roof collapse. Other problems they can cause include structural damage, which is capable enough of creating safety hazards.

Ice dams can affect the home, gutters and roof

Hanging icicles are not praiseworthy. A sign of an ice dam, they invite damage for the gutters, shingles, open cracks in the roof and increase the possibilities of leakage.

Melting snow can cause flood

Rise in temperature melts the accumulated snow and it can leak through the small cracks, thus damaging the walls and flooding the basement. This problem is not easy to deal with and repeats itself when the snow freezes and melts again & again.

How Snow Can Harm Your Roof?

You need snow removal from the roof if your roof is bearing the excess weight of heavy snowfall. Some of the most prominent signs include:

  • If the roof has more than 6 inches of snow
  • Your doors pop open on their own
  • Roof leaks
  • Sagging roof
  • Opening and closing the windows turn difficult
  • Popping sounds
  • Cracks in walls or on drywall/plaster around the door frames

Besides these, snow removal is also needed, if:

  • You have a flat roof
  • You have a history of issues with attic insulation

Benefits Of Our Roof Snow Removal Services

  • Roof and property safety: We have experience and tools required to remove excess snow from your roof. By offering this service, we ensure not only your home remains safe from any damage but you and your loved ones are also away from casualties.
  • Decreased liabilities: There’s no denying that snow and ice give rise to slippery conditions, which in turn increase the risk of injuries. Packed with a team of experts, we do our job in a way that such dangerous situations don’t get to stay.
  • Mental peace: When your roof is cleared of ice and snow, peace of mind comes naturally, as you bring down the risk of costly repairs and unwanted roof replacement.
  • Longevity of roof: As already stated above, snow is damaging for the gutters, shingles and structure of your home. Moreover, it interrupts attic ventilation and causes increased utility bills. However, when your roof has no slow, winter damage is reduced and the life span of your roof increases.

Why Hire Us?

  • Emergency snow removal services available
  • Standard snow removal techniques
  • World-class services without damaging the roof
  • Special attention to the interior and curb appeal of the home
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Timely and clean services without exceeding the decided timeline

So, next time when snow tries to hurt your roof, let us provide the needed healing.

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