Roofing Accessories

No matter how fascinating an outfit is and how much it accentuates one’s personality, when it comes to add a touch of style & perfection, accessories are an undeniable need. The same thing can be said for roofing accessories too. Despite being one of those little things that are overlooked, they are crucial for the appeal and functioning of the roof. You may not know but there are various types of roofing tools and accessories and without experts by your side, you can end up spending money on the wrong and short-term accessories.

Your roof does a lot more than guarding your home from external factors. It is a great investment that needs accessories to perform its job diligently. At Brian M. LeBlanc Roofing, we provide a compatible selection of essential system components that enable appropriate preparation and execution of details.

Our Services

1. Gutters

Serving the important task of drain precipitation, these are important for the rainy as well as snow season. An efficient gutter system saves the property by forbidding the precipitation from overflowing and causing troubles. We have rolled form gutters in copper and steel, seamless gutters and customized ones as well that are based on the design requirements.

2. Chimneys Caps

To prevent pest infestation and clutter, nothing works better than chimney caps. Our chimney caps are functional and enhance the theme and concept of the client’s home. Using world-class materials, we work with everything from wooden to stone surfaces.

3. Snow Retention Accessories

We are pro in keeping away the chills from torturing your home. We give you snow brackets and fences to retain your roof’s snow.

4. Flashing

A metallic coating kept around the roof’s edge to avoid damage by water, flashing is among the most reliable roofing accessories. To handle the problems of harsh climates, we have customized flashing materials. Other than this, we have fascia and metallic soffits for areas that are hard to reach.

5. Ridge Cap Shingles

Not everyone is familiar with these and it is because these shingles often get mixed into the home shingles. Certain roofs have a slope that makes the edges come together and create a point in either one or the other portion of the roof. This point of meeting of the edges doesn’t line up and seal off, thereby, causing roof leak. To deal with this hazard, ridge cap shingles fasten over the edge and inhibit water damage.

Other Solutions We Offer

  • Copper Cat- ALGAE protection
  • Solar Fans / Vents
  • Bathroom Fans/ Vents
  • Custom Copper Valley
  • Rain Diverter

Our Best Roofing Accessories

We have a wide range of modern accessories that make our roofing services extraordinary and impossible to beat. Some of them are:

  • Corner Flashing
  • Box Gutter
  • Metal roofing accessories
  • Deep Trimes
  • Valley Gutter
  • Eave Gutter
  • Plain Ridge
  • Gable Flashing
  • Down Take Pipe

Why Do Roofing Accessories Matter?

Let us take an example to understand this better. To make your home’s front part attractive, you need an elite front door, window boxes and landscape lighting. Similarly, you need roof accessories to make your property standout and look fresh. Not just this, but right colors, gutters and shutters raise your home’s resale value.

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