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Roof replacement is a tedious process for homeowners and makes them wonder a few questions like how long will it take to
complete, what will be the total expense, which roofing material is the best, etc. Though how long it will take to replace the roof depends on the extremity of damage, Brian M. LeBlanc Roofing makes the entire process an easy road for its clients. We begin the process on time and try to accomplish it as early as we can. As roof replacement is one of the most important roofing services, we put forward our years of experience while providing it.

How We Work?

We have a step-by-step procedure which has been created to not allow any error take place and to nail the replacement service.
Inspection : Before starting the project, our experts examine the roof carefully to ensure the property is in a state to handle replacement.

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A damaged roof demands immediate repair to keep away fatal possibilities before things go out of hand. At Brian M. LeBlanc Roofing, we have professionals who provide world class roof repair service at a cost that justifies the level of work done. With us, you get roofing service that adds years to your property and keeps away future hassles. We understand the value of time and therefore, end the project as per the decided timeline.

Roof Repair Services Offered By Us

Leaking Roofs : Leakage is the result of old age as well as any damage caused to the roof. Whatever be the reason, it puts the life of the roof at risk and ends up in creating situations that involve hefty dollars to fix. Our timely solutions ensure putting the leakage at rest without burning a hole in your wallet.

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Whether you are looking forward to enhancing your property’s aesthetic value or your concern is preventing the heat loss, siding repair can help you solve both the purposes. A home’s siding lasts for as long as 20 years depending on the quality of materials it is made of and level of work done during its installation. However, be it any siding, it needs repair and replacement to safeguard the foundation and look of the house.

Taking into account every minor necessity such as age of the property, personal style and maintenance needs, our team offers best solutions like vinyl siding repair, aluminum siding repair, siding installation and siding replacement too.

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No matter how fascinating an outfit is and how much it accentuates one’s personality, when it comes to add a touch of style & perfection, accessories are an undeniable need. The same thing can be said for roofing accessories too. Despite being one of those little things that are overlooked, they are crucial for the appeal and functioning of the roof. You may not know but there are various types of roofing tools and accessories and without experts by your side, you can end up spending money on the wrong and short-term accessories.

Your roof does a lot more than guarding your home from external factors. It is a great investment that needs accessories to perform its job diligently. At Brian M. LeBlanc Roofing, we provide a compatible selection of essential system components that enable appropriate preparation and execution of details.

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A roaring fire in the fireplace is heavenly when the climate outside is cold and snowy. But do you know that this cozy and warm part of the home is prone to many dangerous possibilities? Well, if you are ignorant towards your chimney, you may end up inviting some really troublesome times. You may find it absurd to believe but your chimney is open to hazardous situations owing to reasons like latent defects, moisture, sudden event and wear & tear. At Brian M. LeBlanc Roofing, we understand this and provide related services in terms of chimney and chimney flue repair along with regular maintenance.

Common Defects That Can Attack Your Chimney

Latent issues: These troubles take place when the chimney is built and are a proof that the masonry chimney was improperly constructed.

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Skylight lets homeowners enjoy the best of natural light during the day and feel the charm of stargazing during the night, while being indoors. Adding beauty and a modern touch to a home, it also raises the market value of the property, no matter if the home is old or new. A personal favorite of people nowadays, skylights have gained huge popularity more than ever, thanks to them for making a home look inviting. On that note, if your home’s skylight has worn-out, it’s time to consider skylight replacement service.

Signs Skylight Replacement Needs To Be On Your Mind

Cracks on the glass: A cracked glass is an entry point for water. What begins slowly spreads over the whole area of the window in no time.

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Roof Snow Removal Service

Season’s first snowfall is a sight to cherish, as everything turns white and looks picturesque. Even though the view is irresistibly beautiful, excess snow on the roof needs immediate attention, else serious damage to the property is inevitable.

How Snow Can Harm Your Roof?

Accumulation can overload the roof: Snow deposits increase the chances of roof collapse. Other problems they can cause include structural damage, which is capable enough of creating safety hazards.

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