A roaring fire in the fireplace is heavenly when the climate outside is cold and snowy. But do you know that this cozy and warm part of the home is prone to many dangerous possibilities? Well, if you are ignorant towards your chimney, you may end up inviting some really troublesome times. You may find it absurd to believe but your chimney is open to hazardous situations owing to reasons like latent defects, moisture, sudden event and wear & tear. At Brian M. LeBlanc Roofing, we understand this and provide related services in terms of chimney and chimney flue repair along with regular maintenance.

Common Defects That Can Attack Your Chimney

1. Latent issues

These troubles take place when the chimney is built and are a proof that the masonry chimney was improperly constructed.

2. Wear & tear

Hasty conditions like heat corrosive flue gases and climbing animals damage the chimney over a certain period of time.

3. Moisture damage

Moisture eats up the masonry structure and deteriorates the chimney when water is absorbed by the bricks, which causes the masonry to break. Furthermore, moisture attacks metal chimneys too when water and metal come in contact and result in corrosion.

4. Sudden events

The term refers to high heat that happens in a wood-burning appliance and looks like chimney fire occurrence.

5. Broken Capping

A broken chimney cap can lead to costly damage. For instance, if it lets the rainwater enter inside the flue when it is raining outside, heavy damage to the chimney is possible.

Issues That Call For Immediate Attention

  • Non-working chimney
  • Oil leakage from motor
  • Noise from chimney unit
  • Broken or damaged filter
  • Lock not working
  • Power supply issues
  • Dust not ventilating through the chimney
  • Chimney getting tripped when switching on

Benefits Of Chimney Repair Service

Fire Prevention

Creosote and other substances accumulate inside the chimney with time. Leaving them uncleaned creates a combustible film that can catch fire easily. With chimney repair service near me, fire can be stopped from taking place in the chimney.

Smoke Damage Prevention

Using chimney regularly leads to clogging with debris, which does not allow the smoke to rise through. If this isn’t fixed before it gets too late, smoke from the fire gets a way to enter back inside the home through the fireplace. As obvious, chances of smoke damage increase, which are easy to settle with professionals by your side.

Strengthening The Chimney

Chimney sweep consists of inspecting the chimney to keep it in a perfectly working order. During the inspection, if any issue is found, it is worked on.

Clean Air

An efficiently working chimney pulls the smoke from the fireplace out of the home. On the other hand, a chimney filled with gunk and soot doesn’t work the way it is expected to. End result? Unsafe breathing conditions! In such times, chimney sweep ensures the chimney operates on all the cylinders and smoke backup issues stay at bay.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Team

Finding a reliable chimney sweep is an intimidating task, but when we are at your service, peace of mind is guaranteed. Our team is trained and has certifications in services it offers.

Guaranteed Work

We provide high-quality work, be it a simple cleaning, chimney cap repair or chimney crown repair. Unless our clients are satisfied, we keep serving them.

Affordable Pricing

Every chimney related service we offer has a reasonable price. We believe money shouldn’t stop you from getting the best for your family and home.

Call us now and let us visit your home, inspect your chimney and offer you the best possible services in the minimum days.

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